Planarch Codex, old school book cover ignition

World of Dungeons and the Planarch Codex have a firm grip on my inner freebooter scum.

I want to start a game by throwing some books on the table and asking:

How did you freebooter scum get into debt with this Efreet gangster from Blood River?

Are any of you sleeping with this guy?

Does one of you hold a grudge against him from back in the day for that gig with the thing and the other thing?

[Roll on Job Table, page 14 ]

Who is  up on the statue and who is standing guard?

Are you worried about the superstitions surrounding this idol?

Do any of you worship this deity?

Are you really going to fence the gems to your patron with the key necklace or do you plan a double-cross?

How did you meet this guy again?

Are any of you sleeping with this guy?

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