Silver Swords in Dis

No matter where or whom you come from, in someone’s eyes, you and your family are monsters.

The Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer, Walton and Friends

The Silver Swords are named for the arcane weapons they carry into battle, forged from the astral chains that kept them in slavery for centuries. Since rebelling and gaining freedom from the psionic monsters who dared call themselves their masters the Silver Swords have founded a city in the Deep Astral built from the wreckage of a thousand cathedrals, the psychic detritus of dead faiths.

The Silver Swords put their faith in no deities but in the corpse of the young lady who liberated them. When she died, their warlock eunuchs set the body on their Dragon Throne and continued to rule in her name. If one of their own people should complete a great work, they are ritually sacrificed before her throne and their soul fuels the Corpse Queen, allowing her body and will to animate and rule. When she is in repose, the Silver Empire is run by the cruel warlock eunuchs.

When the queen is awake, the Silver Empire is ferocious, just and embraces change.

When the queen is dead the warlock eunuchs are in charge of the empire and the Silver Empire is then ferocious, myopic and fearful of anything or anyone who could upset the status quo.

The Silver Swords are not quite human. Maybe it was from the psychic torments under slavery’s cruel tentacles or from breeding with all manner of dragons and mythical creatures from a hundred different worlds along the astral deeps. They are humanoid in shape and most often bipedal but vary greatly in all other ways with only a single silver eye to unite them.

A Silver Sword is a monster with these moves:

  • Claim land for the Silver Empire’s Corpse Queen
  • Make a pact with a greater mythical beast (dragon, liche, etc.)
  • Free slaves from their bondage

P.S. There is a heretic off-shoot of Silver Empire, those who threw down their blades, refused to worship the queen after she died. They lead lives of contemplation in floating monasteries amidst the primordial chaos from which the ur-gods created everything.

The Chaos Monks are monsters with the following moves:

  • Release land from feudal bonds.
  • Give an enemy’s inner turmoil a physical incarnation.
  • Let others know how to destroy the economic realities that make slavery profitable.

DW Stats

Silver Sword

HP: 7

AC: +2

Damage: d8 (roll two, take the higher)

Tags: Planar

Chaos Monk

HP: 7

AC: +1

Damage: Fists, 1d6, Psychic Blast 1d8+1

Tags: Planar

Other things to stat out: The Corpse Queen, Eunuch Warlock, Silver Sword Dragonrider

Maps: Silver Empire Colonial Outpost, Silver Navy Astral Corvette, Silver Captital in the Deep Astral, Monastery in the Chaos Waste, The Deep Astral, The Chaos Wastes

Inspired by:


Russ Nicholson’s Githyanki

The Planarch Codex

Dungeon World

World of Dungeons

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3 thoughts on “Silver Swords in Dis

  1. Let others know how to destroy the economic realities that make slavery profitable.

    “You see, it’s all about supply-driven, no wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Do you have a blackboard around here? Have they invented blackboards on your plane yet?

    • Indeed.

      “Killing slavers is visceral fun, no doubt but let us talk about how to end slavery. Who is purchasing the slaves and for what purpose? When we make it unprofitable for them to subsist on sentient misery, then we will be doing something less visceral but more tangible. Let us consider this while gazing into Chaos.”

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