It is already Friday, only one more left in Ithaca.

Things are hectic but my room is slowly but surely coming together. Had my last waffles with Christine, last drinks with Aaron K and tomorrow night will watch my last UFC card in Dryden with the usual folks over Woodchuck and gluten-free pizza. Next week will be the finishing touches and seeing a few more friends around town.

Reading: I’ve been finding time to read, despite all of the mishigas, which has been really nice. I finished The Eyes of the Overworld and went on to The Farthest Shore for a change of pace, saving Rhialto the Marvellous for another time. I think if I had read the Earthsea books when I was 12 years old, I might be a wizard by now.

Planning: Heading into NYC to deal with some administravia and drop a car-load off in Jersey.

Writing: Task lists and more lists and at work, procedures.

And you?

BLOG NOTE: I will be taking two weeks off from posting on Githyanki. I have some fun Monday Interviews lined up that I can’t wait to share but I don’t want to rush anything and honestly, can’t take the time to post mindfully in the middle of this huge and wonderful transition.


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