Reading, Planning and Writing: First Friday in New York City

Reading: I’ve been reading a bunch of popular titles on the school library’s shelves. Finished Street Pharm and started Tyrell this week but I’m hoping to put a dent in Clockers, not for school but just for my own personal reading.

Planning: I have a four-day weekend and I hope to do some cooking so that I have some pre-made food in the fridge for dinner this week and rest a bit. This might have been the most hectic week in my life without having phone shenanigans and fraudulent charges made to my checking account.

Looking forward to a weekend with the lady-friend to re-charge my batteries, do some laundry and get my head back together.

Writing: Cover letters and resumes, same as always. The current gig ends in June, so I don’t have time to rest.

And you?

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