Patience & Fortitude Friday

Reading: I am reading Lockdown by and still peeking at Clockers, which is splendid, but I’m honestly in the mood for a fantasy novel and will probably pick up the Rhialto novel soon.

Planning: Gaming tonight.

A welcome-to-NYC concert next week, getting my stuff in order for the next move and figuring out when we can get together for more giant arachnid gaming.

Writing: Nothing this week, absolutely nothing.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Patience & Fortitude Friday

  1. What game are you throwing down on your table tonight?

    Still wading through The Scarab Path by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Things are hotting up with a huge horde of Scorpian Men from the desert, freshly trained and equipped with crossbows and lead shotters by the Empire of the Wasps about to conquer an ancient city of Beetles stuck in their old ways and led by their elusive ‘Masters’… Plus Dungeon World as it arrived in the post this morning and is lovely 🙂

    Dungeon World on Monday night. The Eocene playable monster race at the back of the mini KS01-Player’s book has given some fresh ideas of ancient secret knowledge waiting to be uncovered.
    Interesting stuff to do with my boys on Sunday while my good lady is at work.

    Fronts for DW and maybe some more of my “Guardians” Steam-Punk Star Wars / Ghostlines / The Regiment / Living Steel inspired AW hack.

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