The Regiment: Colonial Marines “Game over, man!”

We played The Regiment tonight, Colonial Marines style.

I’m trying to piece together what I found cool and not-so-cool about the session because it felt like the contrast was stark.


Ripping the doors off of the hinges and doing other super-human shit with my Military Grade Synthetic Human (Millie).

Seeing military plans go haywire and seeing soldiers’ bravery and duty attempt to put it all back together somehow.

Fast character creation and collaborative company creation that gave our military unit personality and color.

Gaming again! Sitting at the table with Bret, Carly, Matt and Dave! That was splendid.


It felt like two of us (mostly me and Bret, playing the Synthetic and the Sarge) weren’t playing our characters in an optimal way and it might’ve mussed up our nights a bit. I won’t speak for Bret but looking back, I separated from the group and might have played the whole thing too much like a straight-up role-playing game and not like the narrative war-game that it is.

I’m not sure I like gaming in the aliens universe. It might be one of those properties that is just too good a movie to try and game. I felt like we were trying to not imitate Hudson all night. I’m willing to give it another go but I wonder if I’m butting my head against the legendary movie.

I should not have run off alone, besides being dangerous, it meant I could not have meaningful interactions with the other players for 7/8’s of the game. It is no fun being an icy, androgynous synthetic human if I don’t have primates to riff off of (and get XP for supporting, dammit).

Other Thoughts

We died brutally in the opening salvo of the final battle just a little bit before 11 o’clock at night. Our Engagement roll went awry and the resulting fire rolls came up with lots of 5′ and 6’s, enough to decimate everyone but the Sarge. I’m eager to make new PC’s and finish up. It would be easy to pin the death and destruction on a GMing error but I don’t think it was. Dave set damage as the fiction demanded and the dice just did not roll our way at all after what felt like fairly soft fire rolls from our enemies all night.

Use more grenades, both smoke and otherwise. Seriously.

I do want more science fiction Regiment, though. I have a vague idea about a zero-g siege of a colossal warship, fighting for ship access while fighting on the surface, void marines scattered all over the the ship due to a botched drop. I want a solar system-wide inter-planetary war via Regiment rules.

It was one of those not-quite-fully-satisfying nights of play where I squint my eyes at the game and say, “Let’s try that again, mofo. I think I’ve got your number now.” I reckon I’d play a grunt until they get Millie back online.

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