Friday Crash

If I had been seeing to my sleep hygiene all week  last night would not be hitting me so hard. I went out with Luke for a welcome-to-New-York-City night of arepas and seeing Murder by Death. It was splendid but I can feel that I have only gotten 8 solid hours of sleep one day this week.

Reading: I’m finishing up Rhialto the Marvelous.

Planning: Sleep, laundry, maybe cook a batch of something up so that I can gnosh on it all week…a relaxing weekend.

Writing: I’m just not there yet, still trying to get the rhythm of my life down and figure out where all of the things that are important to me fit in. The blog slipped and I didn’t post anything, not even a Monday interview. This Monday I’ll rectify that.


And you?

3 thoughts on “Friday Crash

  1. Reading: The Experience Economy. It’s slow going, I love the ideas but the writing style is painful.
    Planning: Planning out some classes to take at Techshop and some electronics projects at home.
    Writing: Tightening up the write-ups for my LARP events that I’m running which is slow going.

  2. Reading: I’m reading The Apocalypse Codex, which is me goofing off from the Mythopoeic list, although I did read a couple of books on it over the weekend, filking convention notwithstanding. I’ve also started Kuro, which I lack the cultural background to judge.

    Planning: Debriefing meeting for Intercon M (which I didn’t actually attend, as it was against the filking convention, but I did work on the larp tweaking for it). Job hunting as usual, having not gotten the one I did an interview for. Getting together a chronology of my lawyer’s and my attempts to pay Medicaid — my mother’s estate (of which I am administratrix) owes Medicaid money. It has that money. We would very much like to pay that debt. Medicaid seems reluctant to get its paperwork in order so that we can. Also, getting rid of the trundle bed that we replaced with a sofabed.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions, which includes the Dreamation write ups. Some of these will get long. Josh noted that I was probably going to have to break the Monsterwarts write up into two sections, especially as I still want to comment on each issue of the apa.

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