A Friday on the border between winter and spring

Reading: Reading Ghetto Cowboy, another solid recommendation from Janaki.

Planning: Another weekend of hanging out with the lady-friend, gaming, wrasslin’ and arepas.

Writing: Re-writing a Sorcerer one-sheet that I wrote years ago but it is making me uneasy.

And you?

4 thoughts on “A Friday on the border between winter and spring

  1. Reading: Poking at ‘Creating Virtual Worlds’ It’s a dense thing but there are some gems in there.

    Planning: My larp events that I’m running are coming up in about a month and I am woefully unprepared. I need to stop doodling and start finishing projects.

    Writing: I’m working through some in character essays after rereading Bloodstained Stars. It’s a great way to do stuff for larp but I think there it’s an skill that will need some polishing.

  2. Reading: Just finished Alif the Unseen, by G. WIllow Wilson (think Arab Spring Urban Fantasy), very solid, and Fate Accelerated Edition. Probably going to go for either N. K. Jemison’s The Killing Moon or Robert Jackson Bennett’s The Troupe.

    Planning: Kerberos Fate prep for Tuesday. Getting my zine for Alarums & Excursions in to Lee Gold in the next day or two. Cleaning and finding places for all the blank notebooks we bought at Lunacon because the price was really good (and “we can use these for larps” can justify a whole lot of purchases). Possibly writing up my notes from Lunacon.

    Writing: Write up of Dreamation game of Fiasco with the Hocus Focus playset, the first time Fiasco was actually awesome for me. It’s never been bad, you understand, just… okay. Sufficiently fun to recharge at conventions. Solid, but not outstanding. This one had me planning how to get my PC devoured by cockroaches, which is not precisely how I usually game.

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