The First Friday of the Rest of My Life

Reading: I am a hundred pages from finishing A Betrayal in Winter. I’ll likely plow on through and finish the next two books in the series.

Planning: Compiling my notes from the first week of work into something useful. Grabbing things I left at my mom’s place (kettlebells, Dictionary of Mu’s and such) and bringing them home. Putting our home together. Figuring out where gaming and working out fit into this life of libraries and long train rides.

Writing: This first week of work was a total wash. My brain was over-stimulated. But the good news is that the train ride will be a nice place to do some writing.

And you?

5 thoughts on “The First Friday of the Rest of My Life

  1. With that Sorcerer reprint in the works, I should really look into acquiring Mu.

    If you do manage to start gaming again, what do you most want to play?

    I’m running an Apocalypse World game while another player runs Savage Worlds. What I’m most looking forward to playing in is a Legends of Anglerre/Fate Core game yet another player is cooking up.

    • If you want a Dictionary, let me know. I have a few left.

      Right now the single game that has me the most intrigued is Sagas of the Icelanders.

      Janaki and I might start a solo Sorcerer game, a few old friends and I are playing our Burning Wheel game in which giant spiders are invading the Forgotten Realms.

      I’d love to play Monsterhearts with a particular posse.

      It isn’t so much as what to play as figuring out when I have time to play it.

      What playbooks are in your AW game?

      • I’d love a copy of Mu. Shoot me an email at TheStoryGameGM@Gmail so we don’t clog the post with minutiae, how about?

        Ah, yes. Another use of the Apocalypse Engine, right? You’ve mentioned it before.

        There’s always too many games and not enough time. If you do start running Sorcerer, I’d like to read about it. My group rotates GMs, and I’ll probably want to run something other than an Apocalypse game, much as I’m loving it. Sorcerer would be a logical choice.

        I have a Brainer, a Driver, a Gunlugger, a Hocus, and a Skinner. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had running a game, and everyone is into it to a degree my old group was not. It does make me wonder what they would do with Burning Wheel, but the rest of the group tends towards running fantasy games; I like the idea of mixing genres up a bit.

  2. Reading: Terror from the Skies, for Call of Cthulhu. Alas, I agree with Pookie, who says that, while the concept is good, “the execution does not so much leave much to be desired, as it does leave everything to be desired.” As I need to rewrite this to use it anyway (to use for Kerberos Club, I need to substitute Martians for the campaign foe, backdate things to the 1840s or 50s, and account for PCs who can fly, use TK and illusions, and shapeshift), it’s not much more work, but disappointing. And who the heck thought having handouts obscured by picturesque shadows was a good idea?

    Planning: Preparing for Monday’s Kerberos Club game. Finishing the final write up from this year’s Dreamation. Going with Josh to see him play harp at South Street Seaport tomorrow. Hopefully, helping with sale of the guest bed / makeshift couch to a buyer on Sunday.

    Writing: Write ups, emails.

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