Apprentice Rafferty and the Raven

From this post on the BW forum:

I’m enjoying having this complex world slowly be unveiled to Alexander as Rafferty learns more and more. In the beginning, Alexander didn’t know if there were elves or orcs or just humans. When Arnesto turned into a bear, Raff thought it was a fucking monster. I like world-building off of this simple, riff, that the king and queen have changed religion, leading to Sorcerers being persecuted. Now this ancient faith celebrating the flame-bringer, who went into heaven and brought back the fire that fuels sorcery is under the knife.
Harlow’s castle is where those of the old faith are gathering to make a stand.

Anyway, I have notes written down, all of the lordly heraldry having to do with fire that I could think of and town names. We have Pyre, the city where the Flame-Bringer first returned from heaven, where the sorcerers have their council and where apprentices are declared proper sorcerers. Tonight we learned about the ancient far-away cities across the sea that accepted the first flames after the Flame-bringer returned from heaven (It might soon be time to draw a map).

In my head I know why the king and queen converted, and what their 3 Gates religion is and why it hates sorcery so much and how it is linked to the elves.

I can’t wait to show it to Alexander through Rafferty, as this two lifepath kid becomes a sorcerer and a man.

I’m enjoying the shit out of this game.

2 thoughts on “Apprentice Rafferty and the Raven

  1. I love reading these little windows to another world. But on a serious note, your posts suggest you’ve run any number of solo BW games. I’d like to see a post (or just a response to this comment) with advice on running solo BW games. Any special tricks or techniques? I’m hoping to have the opportunity to do so in the near future.

    • Thank you for reading. I’m glad you like ’em.

      I love running solo games. I will write a blog post in the next few weeks and post a link to it here. Thanks for inspiring a new post!

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