Daydreaming on Mars

Aunt Candi used to notice whenever my eyes got that faraway look and she’d say, “Come back to earth, Judd.” Years later, her grand-daughter used to get the same look and they’d say to the little girl, when she went wherever it is that we go, “Say hello to Uncle Judd.”

I have been thinking about Mars lately after recently looking over the Dictionary of Mu in hopes of running a Sorcerer game in the near future.

I found a few links about Mars after looking over the past few months of reblogs on my tumblr:


And then Rose posted something really cool on G+ and posted some links to her upcoming game:

A while ago, Rose asked if she could have some mention of the Damsel Messiah in CoM and as long as I’m credited and keep the Damsel as my creative property, I was totally cool with that. I’m happy to see her religion spread to a new and different Mars.

So, anyway, daydreaming about Mars.

Feel free to post what you are daydreaming about this weekend or geek out about anything linked above in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Daydreaming on Mars

  1. Josh is trying to figure out how we’re costuming for a 2 hour larp on Sunday, where he’s Sailor Moon and I’m Sailor Mars. He’s also trying to cram Sailor Moon eps.

    I’m wondering if what I wore to the book launch for Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells (anthology) will do for the madam of a brothel in 19th century New Orleans for my Saturday evening game, and what to wear for my Saturday afternoon game, set in Los Angeles, 1941, where part of my costuming hint is “femme fatale”. I’m expecting Sailor Mars to be something of a relief after that.

    In my Kerberos Club Fate Edition game, Josh’s PC is the reincarnation of a Martian Princess, and the PCs have been working at foiling an invasion from Mars from the New Martians.

    I’m a little sad that John Carter didn’t get a Hugo nomination for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form, but I’m looking forward to seeing the three films that did that I’ve not already seen, one of which is Cabin in the Woods, which is one of those films I was much more interested in seeing after I read all the spoilers. I’m also a little sad that my pick for Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form didn’t get onto the ballot — the footage of about ten minutes in NASA’s control room as Curiosity landed on Mars.

    Mind, Venus should not be overlooked either — if you’re way high up in its atmosphere, it’s actually liveable, or so I have been told.

  2. I’m daydreaming of a story where John Brown’s raid was a cover/diversion for some other objective. That’s really all I have so far, though I do know that I want it to be something ‘real’ and not fantastic/sci-fi.

  3. I’ve been thinking about how similar Westeros and Rokugan are, and have been daydreaming of running a Samurai-twist on the whole Game of Thrones hot mess. Different GMs running different clans, then getting together once a month to have a beer and collaborate on how the consequences of their games should affect the entire shared world. A giant shared game where when a diplomat from one clan visited another, that game would actually host the corresponding visiting player. I think it could be a fun time, and enough unexpected things would happen to keep the GMs energized and creative.

  4. Hi Judd,

    So, wanting not to be a bother, I waited more than a year to post another request.

    I did buy the Dictionary of Mu several years ago but it’s in another country right now, buried in a storage unit. I’d really love to get a PDF of it if if there’s any way. I’m happy paying separately for the PDF. In case you want to talk to me personally, my email is bill dot burdick at gmail dot com.

    Thanks very much!

    • You are not at all a bother. Thank you for remembering the Dictionary of Mu!

      I don’t currently sell PDF’s of the Dictionary. I always intended it to be a physical object. Sorry!

      I’m working on getting new copies printed as we type this.

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