All-New Marvel Heroic Role-Playing Milestones

I just got done catching up on All-New X-Men on Slimjim (the name of my iPad).

I love what Bendis is doing in All-New X-Men #1-11. Long Story Short: Beast went back in time and brought the original 5 X-Men to the present, where they have to deal with the crazy world the mutants currently live in. It is an amazing plotline and one that could be done with any number of Marvel super-heroes, take your pick, the milestones below are general enough.

Imagine doing this with the Avengers or home-made heroes who suddenly have a future that you get to make up through play. Cool stuff.

Have fun, let me know how it goes.


Out of Time
Maps on my phone?
1XP When you interact with a piece of technology that was not around in your native timeline.

3XP When you you use a modern piece of information or slang in an odd or even correct way.

10XP When you either make peace with this timeline as your new home or become a bitter curmudgeon, refusing to acknowledge the new world around you.

“How did I die?” “Which time?”
1XP When you unearth clues about your team’s past history.

3XP When you use something you did or done to you as an excuse to get into a conflict.

10XP When you either make an epic gesture in order to break away from your past self and become someone knew or fall into the same mistakes of your past self, repeating history.

Professor K
I’m a fierce competitor you sexist twit!
1XP When you bark an order at the pastlings.

3XP When you enter into a conflict with or alongside the team and teach them something in the process.

10XP When you either stay with the team until they become capable of leading themselves in the dangerous world or send them back to their time and end this farce.

Blue and Young
What is that handsome young man doing?
1XP When you team up with your future self.

3XP When you create an asset for your future self to use or get into a conflict with your future self.

10XP When you either welcome your future self into your life as a chronal sibling or decide that your interactions are unnatural and dangerous to the timestream, cutting off contact with them completely.

Sins of the Future
But I didn’t do that.
1XP When you discuss things your future self has done that have effected the world.

3XP When you get into a conflict because of history you have not yet lived.

10XP When you either decide that your future self was right to do what he did or destroy your future self once and for all.

Can’t Let Go
That is just what you said before.
1XP When you show your disgust at one of the pastlings for their future self’s actions.

3XP When you go into battle with or against a pastling whose future self you despise.

10XP When you either accept a pastling as a new person or do them trauma, hoping to change the past through destruction.

Post-Script: But Judd, MRH is dead! MW lost the license and now it is time to rip open the game’s corpse and do a post-mortem, figuring out what went wrong.

Alright, let’s talk. The truth is, we won’t know what happened until Cam is good and ready to sit down with someone and a recording device and talks about what actually happened. Until then we are barking at the moon. He might never be ready or be too busy making more awesome stuff to bother.

Either way, a game is dead when the players decide, not the gaming companies, not the IP owners, not yahoos on the internet. The game is dead when no one on the earth is playing it or making up cool shit to do with it or learning from its design.

I say it is alive and I say it as a player, as someone who enjoys making up fantastic things and posting them for others to use.

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