The Trinity Throne Federation vs. the Peasant Republic

Aaron and I were e-mailing back and forth, trying to figure out what to play. I woke up this morning to an e-mail about wanting to play a young Ben Franklin-inspired character.

Aaron made me do this:

A war is coming. The Trinity Throne Federation is gathering its forces and will march to put down what they are calling sedition and rebellion from the common-folk who have served them for centuries. MoBu City is the heart of the rebellion, who have taken the name given to them by the Throners, Peasant Republic and made it a rallying cry.

A decade of living in an urban sprawl side by side with wizards, giant spiders, trolls, roden, great wolves, orc and every other stock of sentience in the world has fermented ideas that could very well end feudalism. Those who profit from feudalism want none of it; the human dukes, elven etharchs and dwarven princes are gathering their forces.

Trinity Throne Federation
Elves – Etharchal, Citadel, Protector
Humans – Noble Court, Noble, Religious
Dwarves – Dwarven Host, Dwarven Noble, Clansman

Peasant Republic
Elves – none, other than a few Spiteful rebels
Humans – City, Peasant (mostly), Village (mostly), Outcast, Seafaring
Dwarves – none, though many think the Guilder are playing both sides against each other, hoping to profit

In the air so far…
Elves – Villages…some say this is where the war will be won or lost. The Elders, Patriarchs and Matriarchs are listening.

Humans – Professional Soldier – The nobles have armies but the mercenaries go where the money goes. Even now, the Republic is trying to get enough money together to either purchase their own army or at least buy the mercenaries out of the coming conflict. The nobles are gathering mercenaries with piles of gold, elven artifacts, and dwarven craftsmanship.

Dwarves – Artificer and Guilder…many say these dwarves are using the coming war as a way to get more money, playing both sides against he middle and seeing which way the dice fall. So far, nothing has happened to swing the dwarves, though a threatened Artificer strike nearly killed the Dwarven Host before it even marched. But the Prince paid the strike away…for now.

Orcs – There are some Orc in MoBu City, of course but it would take a Great One to gather them and no Named has taken that title in well over a century and that was under the blessing of a demon-god of darkness and blood. The Republic has had some vicious arguments about recruiting the orc horde to its cause and so far, the orc are out of the loop.

Great Wolves – They don’t really like either side, as both are destroying the lands they desperately need to continue with their way of life but the Republicans have at least come to their packs and treated them as fellow sentients, whereas the nobles ignore them entirely.

Roden – The roden are split, as always. The Field Roden and Below Roden might very well serve on opposite sides of this war.

Great Spiders – The nobles would not bother to speak to monsters but there are Thinkers, Rogue Wizards and Heretic Priests who believe that the Republic can only truly call itself as such if they treat every sentient being with respect and offer the Great Spiders a place at the table. The problem is that the only unified society of Great Spiders is the undernest and who is going to go there to speak to the viciously carnivorous Handmaidens? The rest of the spiders are either split up into fractious hunting packs or solitary creatures in ancient trees or in isolated cliff-sides.

Others – The Dragon, the Martikora, Great Eagles, Ophidians…there are Rogue Wizards who say the Republic must send diplomats to the creatures we once called monsters. Shining Knights once saved peasants from these mythical beasts but that was a different age.

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