Indestructible Marvel Heroic Role-Playing Milestones

I read the first arc of the Indestructible Hulk’s comic and wondered how it could work as a template for a MHRP game. In the comic, Banner goes to S.H.I.E.L.D. and says that he doesn’t think he can ever be cured of the Hulk but wants to find a way to live with it while using his scientific mind to make the world a better place. Hulk proceeds to kick down super-villain’s doors at the vanguard of a SHIELD team while Banner sets up a super-science lab.

So, you’d need a cursed character who wants to leverage their super-powered affliction to do good while doing something worthwhile with their mundane non-super-time. Cool.

Ghost Rider comes to mind. I picture Johnny Blaze going to SHIELD’s shadowy arcane division or to Dr. Strange himself, setting the Spirit of Vengeance after those who deserve to be dragged behind an infernal motorcycle while Johnny does exorcisms in trailer parks and teaches kids how to not summon Satan or something. Who else in Marvel is cursed? Werewolf-by-night? Blade, maybe?

It could be a solo game or it could be a campaign where one player is the main character and the rest of the players agree to play supporting cast.

So, here are some milestones:


1XP when you talk to your handler.

3XP when you rebel against your handler or act against a direct order.

10XP when you leave the organization leaving a trailer of destruction and bad feelings or out-maneuver your handler, getting them replaced with someone you think will be more pliable.



1XP when you talk to your agent.

3XP when you threaten something important to them in order to do what you want.

10XP when you put the agent in jail or achieve a larger mission, saving the world using their skills.


Living with the Curse

1XP when you talk about the dangers related to your curse.

3XP when your curse has a concrete effect on your personal life.

10XP when you make peace with your curse or realize that no matter how much you punch the right people in the face, your curse will always be dangerous to the world and seek out a way to neutralize it.


Next up: Superior milestones! Excelsior, mofo’s.

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