Superior Marvel Heroic Role-Playing Milestones

How pompous does that title sound?

No, I’m talking about the new Spider-man title in which Doctor Octopus is stuck in Peter Parker’s body. The idea doesn’t thrill me in isolation. However, once you think of Superior Spider-man as a template things get interesting. I’d imagine it as a solo campaign or a campaign where the players have agreed that one person is the main character and everyone else is playing supporting roles, it could get interesting.

In the template, you aren’t taking the heroes’ arch-villain but someone from their rogues’ gallery with perhaps a shot at redemption. Don’t stick Red Skull in Captain America’s body (yuck) but maybe Taskmaster. What would happen if Bruce Banner had the Leader in his noggin.

Take the hero as written, maybe switch around the Distinctions but don’t get rid of all of them, keep something about the hero that the villain will be figuring out from that non-heroic point of view. Taskmaster is a mercenary, figuring out what it means to be American and give back to his nation. The Leader has to deal with his anger issues in a visceral way, no longer able to think through his troubles.

You get the idea.

Here are some milestones:


1XP when you ask questions about what it is a hero is supposed to do.

3XP when you do something heroic and find it enjoyable.

10XP when you either find a way to bring the hero back to their own body, bringing your newfound heroism back to your own mortal shell or bring this hero’s body into villainy, betraying everything they once held dear (after which you could switch back and play the main hero trying to hunt down the villain).

Philosophical Problems

1XP when you struggle with the hero’s major philosophical questions.

3XP when you find a new answer to those problems from your unique point of view.

10XP when you find an answer to those problems and find your own heroic philosophy or toss their issues aside and descend into villainy.

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