Hex maps are fun.


Provenlorn – the capital, where an ambitious Duke is attempting to unite the 4 ducal courts and become king.

Allsaints – the holy city, whose walls have shrines to every member of the Young Immortal Lords.

The Tower that is a Mountain – home of the most powerful wizard in the land, said to be the only living survivor of the Wizard Wars, held in high esteem by the Sorcerer Dukes.

The Throne Mountains – home of the giants, where each mountain is said to be the throne of a self-described giant king or queen.

Black Throne – a cursed mountain, once home to a giant who attempted to gain power through fell powers.

The 7 Kings Mountains – where the 7 dwarven princes make war on the dragon who has taken their high king’s mountain holdfast.

The Olde Road – made centuries ago when the elves and dwarves ended their feuding.

Chaos Grave/Law’s Tomb – Ruined cities, the reason why no city declares itself with only Law or Chaos.

The Broken Road – the road destroyed during the same war that laid waste to the two cities it connects.

The Duke Road – often called the Ambitious road or the Hubris Road, some say it telegraphs the duke’s intent to make war on the elves once the ducal courts are united in Provenlorn.

Trinity Forts – Made by the pious dukes to defend their farmlands. Also called the Pauper Dukes, they are constantly looking for the resources to begin building castles.

Wizard’s Road – said to be the safest road in the kingdom, warded against otherworldly influence.

The Elf-Queen’s Markers – the monoliths erected by the elves to warn the young ones not to venture too far west.

Orcland – who knows? Who the hell would go up there?

Why is there a hex of farmlands in the middle of the Wyrdwood? It was an accident but I like it, a bunch of crazy farmers trying to scratch together a living in the middle of a demon-haunted forest.

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