Reading Wraith: the Oblivion

I am reading over Wraith and it is making me want to GM…ST it a bit. It is the White Wolf game that always intrigued me the most.

I have this vague idea of a campaign where all of the characters are killed in the same plane crash and shake off the caul in the Shadowlands at the helm of a Stygian Galleon on the Dead Seas. The ship is composed of player’s fetters and bits and pieces of charred 747.

Another ship is cutting them off from land, flying no flags the characters recognize when the game starts in the middle of a storm…

2 thoughts on “Reading Wraith: the Oblivion

  1. I’d play that.

    Its a shame that Geist – NWoD’s answer (mostly) to WoD’s Wraith, is a perfectly fine game, but doesn’t show the depth of creative crafting that Wraith did.

  2. Wraith was my favorite game to think on/read, and always turned out to be such a task to run. Shadowguiding was a particular speedbump for me.

    But meaty! So meaty.

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