This Imaginary Life: “I Forgot to Prep Tonight’s Game…”

Iron GM

We talk about secrets

“It is game day and you’ve done no prep…”

Suggested Techniques:

  • Ask the Players Questions
  • Enjoy a Quiet Moment
  • Play up Rivals
  • Look at the character sheets for inspiration
  • Find a status quo and destroy it.
  • Play up consequences of past adventures
  • Steve the Tricky?
  • Play a session from a different POV
  • The Mountain Witch trick: Introduce a front-loaded NPC and ask question
  • Look over the table, see who hasn’t had spotlight
  • Give them choices for relationships in a new place
  • Judd is re-summoned to the hang-out.
  • Blank spots on the map, have players fill it out
  • Steal and pillage from game systems
  • Check out the GM’s Consequences
  • Give ’em what they want: “Promise them the sun and give them the moon.” – Sagas of the Icelanders. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.
  • A list of Zero Prep Games (Lady Blackbird, Psi Run, Fiasco, Inspectres, Shotgun Diaries, Don’t Rest Your Head)
  • Get them addicted…
  • Red Button Options

2 Minutes

Judd: Seclusium. Sorcerer and Satan.

Rich: Apocalypse World.

J.D.: Spark. Demon the Fallen?

Erik: Pathfinder Society.

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