Winter is Coming and Dragons are Dancing

I am jotting down notes on a Burning Wheel one-shot for my dad. He is going to be the Lord of Winterfell during the Targaryen Civil War, also called the Dance of Dragons. He will have children on both sides of the conflict, a son who is a squire to the queen’s brother and a daughter who is a lady-in-waiting to the princess.

And he will have intense pressure to not sit this one out. His grandfather was the King-Who-Knelt, who bowed down to the Targaryens and their dragons without a fight. If he sits out, he is going to have to do something intense or the other Northern Lords are going to start calling the Starks craven.

Based on the short excerpt to an upcoming short story about the Dance of Dragons, it is turning Westeros into a meat-grinder, with Queens folk on one side of the river and the Princess’ folks on the other side.

My dad is going to play the Lord of Winterfell, his buddy will play his bastard brother and Witt is going to play their Maester, a perfect role for a RPG veteran helping two newbies at the table.

I’m looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “Winter is Coming and Dragons are Dancing

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