Giant Spiders Settle in to the Sword Coast

From the BW forum post (but since they lost a bunch of threads a few months ago, I’m going to post the AP posts here too):

After the Siege of Waterdeep, we talked it over and decided that the Great Spiders Eat the Forgotten Realms game would be a campaign for just me and Witt. Rob had lost his character and Jason had gotten to the game very late; it felt like it was just me and Witt who were really bought in. So, the rest of the group gets togeter, Witt included, and plays AW, and me and Witt get together as we can to continue as a solo-campaign.

Tonight we just settled in to post-siege life. The spiders have settled down on the Sword Coast and apart from little pin-points of human infestation, there are no big threats this side of tne Aunuroch.

Lloth has joined the Matron’s Handmaidens, named Returning Holy Daughter, taking up some mountains in the High Forest with her retinue.

We played around with the Clashing Storm of the Sword-Kings bloody-versus battle rules. I need damage rules but I like the way it feels so far. More playtesting with that to come. We did a siege of Dragonspear Castle, filled with humanoid refugees…gnolls, goblins, some humans, a few trolls, all led by a Warlord keeping things together with a few giants. The Dragonspear was decimated.

Dragon-Heart Eater laid her eggs inside a dragon-egg, which her hatchlings will eat for sustenance once they hatch. She is going to have some funky, funky children.

The Matron has ordered that each Handmaiden send students to the other Handmaidens so they might teach their skills to others in the army/horde. 

Dragon-Heart Eater has leads on several dragons along the Sword Coast. Next game will likely be a hunt.

I can feel the NPC’s in the east, out near the Dale-lands trying to make some kind of fucking sense to a horde of giant spiders landing on Evermeet from an inter-planar portal, conquering it, then the Moonshaes and then taking down Waterdeep and every settlement of the North.

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