Fuck you. You owe it to me. Tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and I’ll be fifty and I’ll still be doin’ this. And  that’s all right ’cause I’m gonna make a run at it. But you, you’re sittin’ on a winning lottery ticket and you’re too much of a pussy to  cash it in. And that’s bullshit ’cause I’d do anything to have what you  got! And so would any of these guys.   It’d be a fuckin’ insult to us if  you’re still here in twenty years.

Let me tell you what I do know. Every so often we team up…World’s Finest…whatever, and we have a few laughs. But you know what the best part of my day is? The ten  seconds before I drive the Batmobile up to the Hall of Justice ’cause I let myself think I might get there, and you’d be gone. I’d get to the table and you wouldn’t be there. You just left.

Now, I don’t know much. But I know that.

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