Reading, Writing, Planning: A Friday for Autumn thunderstorms

A cool front is moving in behind last night’s rains and pushing out the last of the hot, humid summer air.

Reading: I’ve got To Kill a Mockingbird next to my bed and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Orc Stain is on my Comixology library along with the Battle of the Atom cross-over currently rocking the X-titles. I just finished Boxers and it was amazing by Gene Luen Yang, who also wrote American Born Chinese. Both are well worth picking up.

On my kindle, I’m chewing on The Distant Mirror in bite-sized pieces and just picked up the YA novel, a kind of Hindu version of Percy Jackson, The Savage Fortress.

I didn’t realize how much I was reading and how much I was enjoying it all until writing it all down here.

Planning: It is a busy weekend ahead but a very satisfying social dance card starting tonight.

Writing: I’m working with Witt on Bloody Versus-inspired battle rules for Burning Wheel (Clashing Storm of the Sword Kings) to show to Luke so I can run it at Burning Con and other tinkers and hacks in the notebook I keep with me on the train. We’ve done some playtesting in the Giant Spiders invade the Forgotten Realms game but we’re still refining it all.

And you?

One thought on “Reading, Writing, Planning: A Friday for Autumn thunderstorms

  1. Reading: Nothing for fun, nothing for work. I’m in one of those strange times where I have some free time but am unsure of what to do during them. Play a game? Read a book? Work on one of many personal projects? The last thing I read was… Matt Forbeck’s first Dangerous Games book, at Gen Con.

    Planning: I’m really grooving on my Apocalypse World game, so I have to finally draw up some fronts for that. I also want to dummy up a card game or two as a personal design project. And we might go sailing tomorrow if the weather isn’t crappy.

    Working: There are a few projects that really aren’t getting underway until next week, so it’s housework. I’m also refreshing the whois page all afternoon to regeister a domain name that should be available any time between 2-5pm EDT. Just 27 minutes left in that window.

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