Reading, Planning, Writing: Cold Autumnal Friday

Reading: I’m still finishing up Lamentation by Ken Scholes and it remains entertaining. On my phone I’ve got Return of a King by William Dalrymple and the iPad has the Battle of the Atom X-Men cross-over that has been coming out all autumn, Rat Queens #1 and 2 and the latest Hawkeye, Saga and Miles Morales.

Planning: Seeing my mom this weekend, seeing a cool show tonight with the lady-friend.

Writing: Jotting down lots of notes and tables about Marsui and weird fantasy takes on D&D monsters.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing: Cold Autumnal Friday

  1. Writing: drafting a GM section for our new Warlord-of-Mars RPG that uses a In-A-Wicked-Age-style oracle mechanism to create adventures.

    Reading: Any Lovecraft that I can find that deals with ancient, dead cities, a la the dead cities of Mars.

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