Things I’m Reading: Dinosaurs, White Box and Monster-Haunted Children

Dinosaur Priests:

By default, dinosaur clerics worship Tyroganon Ferox, the Paradox Lord of the Infinite Boneyard.  It’s a misconception that Tyroganon Ferox is an evil god.  Yes, he wants to bring back dinosaurs and destroy all mammals, but he is also a stalwart enemy of cruelty, undead, and death cults.  And the mammal tribes who worship him are treated well, and some are even allowed to become dinosaurs themselves.

Whitehack discussion on OD&D discussion:

When was the last time an RPG caught your attention and demanded to be played – DCC ? LotFP ?

Whitehack is a newly-published complete fantasy role-playing game in only 32 pages (6″ x 9″). It’s author, Christian Mehrstam, has taken the Swords & Wizardry (Whitebox edition) retroclone and has developed his own vision of a old school-meets-new ideas ruleset.

What makes this ambitious ruleset stand out from the pack is the depth of design. From the cover as character sheet to the rules within there is a clarity and creativity that is positively endearing. It will be played…

[More to come]


The world grows dark and shadows lengthen, take on new forms. From the trunks of passing cars, voices call your name. Under the floorboards, scratches. Things want to be let out, they want to be let in and they are always hungry, curious, violent, terrible.

Roll d8+6. This is your age.

Choose a character class/type: there are ToughStudious and Truant.

Tough characters have 6 Endurance Points. 0 Secrets. Damage die: d6. Starting stuff: clothes, 2 other things.

Studious characters have 4 Endurance Points. 1 Secret. Damage die: d4. Starting stuff: clothes, books, notebooks, 2 other things.

Truant characters have 5(4) Endurance Points. 2 Secrets. Damage die: d6. Starting stuff: clothes, cigarettes and/or a key to a safe place or one other thing.

And more OSR links and such over at Story Games…

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