Into the Odd: Random Expedition Generator

I’m digging Into the Odd.

This is a <Roll on Table 1.0>, made by the <Roll on Table 2.0> during the <Roll on Table 4.0>.

All that seems to remain of the <Table 2.0 Result> is a <Roll on Table 3.0> and some  <Roll on Table 2.1>.

The site was re-purposed during the <Roll on Table 4.0>.

Table 1.0, what?

  1. Crashed Warship, after a brutal exchange
  2. Observation/Research/Study Station, made to study some facet of our planet
  3. Diplomatic Post, where humans once made deals with otherworldly powers
  4. Fortress, where otherworldly powers once made war
  5. Hospital, where otherworldly powers once did what they considered healing
  6. Shrine, where otherworldly powers paid homage to powers greater than themselves

Table 2.0, who?

  1. The Silver Empire, who don’t lay siege to a whole world, only its greatest mind to take it for their queen as a prize
  2. Blue Sun Hivemind, who sicken the sun so that the environment will suit their needs
  3. Jurassics, who want to return to an era of thunder lizards of pre-history
  4. Robots, who want to understand their makers but rarely with any morality we can understand
  5. The Dolphin/Whale Alliance, who have watched us fuck up mother earth for centuries
  6. Other, Roll on Table 2.1 for more obscure shit

Table 2.1, more obscure shit

  1. Space fungus
  2. Astronauts with symbiots
  3. Altered silverbacks
  4. Altered squid
  5. Ancient religious sect
  6. Cyborg Enclave
  7. Humans with otherworldly blood
  8. Psionic enclave
  9. Vat grown monstrousities
  10. Dinosaur cult
  11. Cryogenic zombies
  12. Mirror-spawn
  13. Witch-hunter zealots
  14. Digital ghosts
  15. Summoned thing, bound to this place
  16. Former explorers, gone made
  17. Possessor spirit
  18. A cyclopean beast
  19. Techno-mummies
  20. Your favorite monster

Table 3.0, describe it

  1. Guard-beast
  2. Warrior/Hunter/Killer
  3. Scholar/Scientist/Librarian
  4. Exile
  5. Violent Teenager
  6. Prophet

Table 4.0, past epochs, ages and events that have left scars deep in the earth

  1. Second Wizard-Witch War
  2. Golem-Robot Apocalypse
  3. Revelations
  4. Ragnarok
  5. Golden Age of the Mage-Gates
  6. Jurrasic Resurgence
  7. The Post-3rd Ice Age Demi-god Feuds
  8. The Psionic Wars (often confused with the Psychic Wars)
  9. The Fall of the Space Elevators
  10. The White Plague
  11. The Flood
  12. The era of unbridled optimism, peace and tranquility that was bought with a terrible price and therefor doomed.

I rolled a few up on the train:

This is a <Fortress>, made by the <Blue Sun Empire> during the <Fall of the Space Elevators>.

All that seems to remain of the <Blue Sun Empire> is a <Exile> and some  <Psionic Enclave>.

The site was re-purposed during the <Second Wizard-Witch War>.

Nice, I pictured the Blue Sun Empire as illithids, so the psionic enclave is a nice touch. I figure it was a fortress, built like a monastery, so I’ll grab a monastery online somewhere for the map. During the Second Wizard Witch War I think it was a labor camp the wizards used to round up villages who were supporting the witches and put them to work.

I’ll make up an

This is a <Fortress (again, dammit)>, made by the <Robots> during the <Golden Age of Mage Gates>.

All that seems to remain of the <Robots> is a <Scholar> and some  < Possessor Spirits>.

The site was re-purposed during the <White Plague>.

Cool, a robot in an automated fortress, ancient and breaking down. There will be guiding markings to ancient Mage Gates on the roof. What are Mage Gates? I have no idea yet.

The fortress was a way-station to guard against the gates being used to invade earth and to study how humans react to various otherworldly stimuli…hence the possessor spirits.

During the White Plague the site was seen as a place of healing, because some possessor spirits could actually hold the plague off, so people would willingly subject themselves to possession.

I’ll grab a secure cyberpunk skyscraper of some kind as the map.


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