Dragons from the Teratic Tome

I was reading over the Teratic Tome like I used to read Monster Manuals when I was a kid, browsing, flipping around, looking for inspiration.

The Dragons! There are ten in the Tome and they are evil and epic. How evil and how epic? Each unique, named monster description has a few sentences about the fell events happen to a city in the days before the dragon attacks. From brimstone to birth defects to strange weather and pollen causing strange animal behavior. The dragons lair from trenches in the ocean’s depths to voids where the corpses of gods float.

It makes me want to set up a dragon-hunting campaign where the players only have a scrap of the in-game Teratic Tome with the descriptions of what happens in the cities before the attacks occur. I’m thinking they could have a patron, maaybe the survivors of a ruined city or Bahamut, the Platinum Emperor of Dragons from his other-planar throne or perhaps the cursed exile dragons from the tome who are cursed with humanoid bodies and a loss of draconic power for their crimes against their own kind.

I talk about the Tome a bit more in this month’s This Imaginary Life, during the last fifteen minutes of the episode, we talk for two minutes each about what is exciting us.


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