Reading, Planning, Writing: Hectic Friday

Had a bit of a work emergency this morning but it all worked out.

Reading: Still making my way through Ash: The Secret History. I’m definitely thinking of  It is suffering because it is a big tome and not ergonomic for subway reading. I’m reading Rhialto the Marvelous out loud to Janaki and it really brings out the sense of humor and surreal quality in those stories.

I was late to the party on seeing Man of Steel and was kind of shocked at how much I liked it.

Planning: Going to a show tonight and perhaps meeting up with some out-of-town friends. Trying to get the games for next week lined up. This past week was a series of cancelations.

Writing: I’m writing up a three part blog post on a magic system for Whitehack tentatively titled the Ivory Grimoire. Usually when I say I’m going to do something in three parts, I start writing and just vomit it all up in one part.

And you?

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