Reading, Planning and Writing: Gray, Wet Friday

Reading: I’m reading Fool’s Errand on the train and still keeping Dying Earth next to the bed, though might start with The Hobbit soon. Clearly I’m on a Vance-ish kick.

Planning: Watching Invicta this weekend and then doing an open house shindig for work.

Writing: Gathering together my notes on my summoning rules for Whitehack and I’m glad I let them simmer for an extra week rather than force something for this week as it has made my examples much, much odder. Less Hell and Land of Faery and more Unblemished Atlantis, the Gaollands and the Astral Wastes. I’ve begun getting a story from my travel notebook to

And you?




10 thoughts on “Reading, Planning and Writing: Gray, Wet Friday

  1. oh and yes:

    reading pc hodgell god stalk/the age of empire by great late e. hobsbawm

    planing: huge underdark campaign based on throne of night adventure path converted to dungeon crawl classics

    writing: some boring stuff 😀

  2. Reading: Llana of Gathol (as research for WOMRPG: )

    Planning: Ugh. Final rehearsals for ‘The Neverending Story’ before we open next week. Between those and a birthday, the weekend is spoken for!

    Writing: Hopefully can squeeze in some more on our version of playbooks for WOMRPG. Trying to compile a decent list of archetypes from the Barsoom stories…

  3. Reading: Finished Seanan McGuire’s Midnight Blue-Light Special, which was fun. Rereading Cairo chapter of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Need to start working on the latest issue of Alarums & Excursions.

    Planning: Follow up visit to doctor following ER trip for what turned out to be a kidney stone, and picking up meds for same. Working on editing material for Tales of the Crescent City for Golden Goblin.

    Writing: Write ups of various sessions.

  4. I’m looking forward to your ideas on adding details to the magic system in Whitehack. In my current campaign we had a necromancer that summoned the souls of skeletons to ask one question per HP (she only asked one!). If someone plays a battle oriented mage in the future, I’ll let them throw a fireball for 1D6 damage per HP they spend.

    But I love Sorcerer, and would like to see someone tackle summoning and binding demons in Whitehack. My initial idea would be for the mage to pay permanent HP when binding, at least until the next level refresh. The demon would perform magic and pay the HP cost, as long as its Need is met.

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