Another wizard dead in Marsui…

Yesterday was an exhausting day. Work had me running hither and yon, so by the time I got to Jay’s place to game, I was bone-tired.

I had two wizard crime lords, The Unicorn and King Roach, on index cards but could only find The Unicorn, a spell-slinging transhuman crime lord with a crystal horn coming from the center of his forehead. So, Humberto handed them the Unicorn, letting them know that the Carchez brothers were on the King Roach job.

They were gambling, chatting, cajoling, trying to get a feel for the place or a clue that could give them some advantage when the Unicorn walked in with a posse of thugs and hired knives who went through the kitchen to who-knows-where. After they destroyed the morale of the half a dozen thugs guarding the front door, they decided that the time to jump the wizard was right now.

Alia, the cleric was in no armor and had no weapons, as she was trying to blend in but Vassaly was in full harness…wait, what? Yeah, he was in full plate, in a pub, tossing dice around. I’ll write this off to me being half awake and make sure I am more aware of when the characters are dressed for full-out war, trying to act cool and slick in a public place. Signs of me being tired were all over the place – the lack of strategy from the NPC’s, my inability to come up with names.

As with every battle so far, the whole thing came down to one or two big rolls. Tonight it was the wizard’s initiative roll that got him killed and then the morale roll that sent his thugs running. The Wizard’s Force of Forbidment spell went off and the Fighter failed his save but Vassaly cleaved the bastard into pieces, prompting the morale check, before the wizard could simply step away to safety. It was a close thing.

We had a few system hiccups, trying to figure out if someone could wield a two-hander, wear chainmail and then move about. I ruled that they could, that a two-hander wasn’t as awkward as the book let on. Mercs carried them on the march all over the place, I reckon.

The fighter is second level and the cleric might’ve hit third though the elf is still trudging up that last 3000XP. They have gathered together a gross amount of money, probably too much. I reckon the repealing of the law that has allowed for these monster hunts in downtown Marsui is like the gold rush and it might eventually thin out a bit. They are all looking into ways to spend that money. Deacon Aria wants to open a soup kitchen. Vassaly is looking into risky investments and maybe a plot of land. Lafayette has purchased the services of a seamstress and gross amounts of raw material to make him a fine array of clothing.

Lafayette was convinced that because the wizard had a crystal horn, the sound of pistol fire would shatter his innards. He was wrong.

Vassaly gave he battle-cry, “Triple Play!” once again.

Alia used the power of her deity to make a thug shit himself.

A forget spell makes a cluster-mess, all the more clustery.

They got a dagger from the Unicorn’s stash, made in the iron age and they paid to have it Identified it. The dagger, called King-Killer, when used against a king, destroys his entire lineage and invokes a powerful curse, causing their state to crumble. They are keeping it in the union vault and have hired a scholar to study it, as they want to know what it has done in the past. The party is torn, Alia wants to destroy it while Vassaly and Lafayette aren’t so sure.

6 thoughts on “Another wizard dead in Marsui…

  1. why don’t monsters try to take over the place? did you browse through paul pope’s new graphic novel battling boy? basically, it is about monsters running wild and hunting kids in the shambling and sprawling metropolis and this one god-boy that is tasked by his thor-likefather to set things straight.

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