Populating the Tomb Hills with feuding clans…

I like those forum threads where we get together and make shit up, here’s one:

Lets populate the Tomb Hills with feuding clans who flout, imperial tradition.  Please go through the following steps and write few sentences about your clan below in the comments or on the Google + thread here.

The Tomb Hills are a few weeks’ journal from the monolith that marks the southern border of the empire. Your family is here, occupying some ancient hill-fort or nearly hill-top tower.

You can choose 3 that appeal to you and catch your eye or roll 3d6 to find out the details of your a family’s take on imperial traditions.

Holy Animals
There is a baroque pantheon of holy beasts in imperial lore. Your family puts 3 above all others.

1) Cobra, Elephant, Eagle
2) Boar, Wolf, Dragon
3) Lion, Stag, Unicorn
4) Ant, Horse, Hound
5) Zebra, Antelope, Lioness
6) Gorilla, Vulture, Hyena

Holy Things
What iconography from the imperial world does your family hold dear and holy?

1) Sun, Moon, Stars
2) Barrows, Streams
3) Prophets, Tomes
4) Swords, Smiths
5) Dusk, Dawn, Noon
6) Bones, Fire

Your family goes against orthodox imperial tradition.

1) Marriage
2) Sorcery
3) Landlord/Tenant Relationship
4) Martial traditions
5) Death
6) Hospitality

By now it might very clear to you why your family is in the Tomb Hills. If not, choose or roll below:

1) Heresy
2) Failed Coup
3) Debt
4) Sorcery
5) Willing Exodus
6) Always been here…

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