Magneto was Right: Days of Future Past movie review *spoilers abound*

The good parts of Days of Future Past:


  • The pacing was amazing. They really made the movie fast-paced and fun to watch. The two hours flew on by.
  • Quicksilver was astounding and his scene stole the show.
  • Blink’s teleportation was super-cool.


Spoilers ahead!

The problems:

Professor X is all about love and understanding but he doesn’t go after it in any way. He doesn’t have a plan, doesn’t have a way to educate people. He just wants to trust people’s best nature and if they fall down, well, they’ll get back up again, right? That isn’t how activism and understanding and change fucking work. He isn’t doing anything proactive, so of course he looks like a dweeb next to Magneto, who is dropping shit on D.C. and menacing Nixon.

Of course I want to side with Magneto; he isn’t a straw man like Charles is.

Also, this relationship between Xavier and Mystique is just creepy. “I’ve been trying to control you since you were a little girl,” he says and from that moment, I’m hoping she caps the guy whose death will bring about the apocalyptic future, just so she can get out from Xavier’s bullshit neediness. “Come back home…please.” No, you go, woman. Kill some motherfuckers. But make no mistake, Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was wooden as hell. She had some cool action sequences but I’m wondering if Bryan Singer can direct women. Because Storm…oh, Storm…

The post apocalyptic future has a team with people of color! Blink, Warpath, Bishop are all there rocking shit left and right with Iceman, Kitty Pryde and some magma dude.

And then we watch them die.

But they’re not really dead!


Then we watch them die again and this time we watch Storm and Bishop die first because…ya know…

And then the future is fixed and we watch a de-hydrated Hugh Jackman walk around the Xavier’s School and there’s Cyclops. There is Jean and Rogue and Iceman and Kitty Pryde and Storm but the other people of color are gone because in the happy future, we only need our token.

Fuck all this nonsense; I’m joining Magneto.

3 thoughts on “Magneto was Right: Days of Future Past movie review *spoilers abound*

  1. I’m considering seeing this in the theater, which I hardly ever do anymore. This review is, sadly, unsurprising.

    I think Blink is sadly underused and could be interesting to write. I like the idea of getting into the head of a teleporter like her and really exploring the secondary sensory and cognitive abilities she would have to have to make her powers work.

  2. I think “magma dude” was supposed to be Sunspot – they just went in a different direction with his fx than the comics. I’m guessing black Kirby dots are really hard to make believable on screen. I kinda liked the plasma arcs coming of his surface like the best pics of the sun. And he can fly? I don’t remember that from 80’s and early 90’s X-Men comics. Oh yeah, as a Brazilian he probably also qualifies as a person of color, though one from a very privileged background.

  3. Xavier is pathetic, yes absolutely, but Magneto is pathetic too. His preferred arc is from holocaust victim to Super-Hitler. Screw that vision.

    The real wonder in the X-Men universe is why anyone follows either of these men. I want to see the universe where the X-Women build us a better world.

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