Returning to a Friday Tradition – Reading, Planning, Writing

Reading: I just finished a brutally unsatisfying read and moved on to Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone, which is a real hoot with a fun fantasy world and a neat premise. Wizards-for-hire come to a city whose deity appears to be dead and have to figure out what happened before the city falls to pieces. A Godswar in the distant past, The King in Red, priests of a fire deity who smoke…I’m seriously digging it so far.

Planning: Getting to parts of NYC that we haven’t seen yet this weekend and buying some more comfortable kitchen chairs. Exciting!

Writing: Yes, writing. I’m writing a game-thing, feverishly hoping to have a playtestable copy soon after uncovering an old idea from 2007 and getting excited about it thanks to G+ community and energetic friends.

And I continue to fill up notebooks on my way to work with stories and odd ideas. I have to start transcribing them now that I have Discuss, my shiny new Mac. I have to get my Whitehack summoning rules onto the blog from the notebook but I can’t find my copy of Whitehack. Frustrating as hell.

And you?

2 thoughts on “Returning to a Friday Tradition – Reading, Planning, Writing

  1. READING: About to make a real start on Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett. I bought it a couple of months ago but had to put down for a while. Otherwise, articles and short fiction around the internet.
    PLANNING: Getting ready for summer, deciding on activities for my daughter while she is out of school beyond the piano camp she wants to attend. Thinking I might try to engage her in a fairy tale style RPG for a couple of those weeks.
    WRITING: Mostly fragments right now, nothing is making it much farther than the second paragraph. There is a piece of short fiction in my drafts that is showing promise however.

  2. Reading: Ghost Bride (fiction), and Feng Shui 2nd edition, hoping I can get a playtest done on 9 June, as reports are due 10 June. Also Velveteen Versus the Super Junior Patriots (quite good and totally not on my list of what I should be reading).

    Planning: Typing up comments on Crescent City layout (Golden Goblin’s collection of Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in New Orleans). Seeing Maleficent and Days of Future Past. Prepping for the filking con we’re going to be running (ulp) in about 3 weeks. Prepping for next session of Eternal Lies. Laundry. Oh yes, Blues Bombing Union Square on Wednesday evening. Larp meeting for revising Presque Vu for next March. Getting Hugo Pack in ready to read form and agonizing over which bits of Wheel of Time to cram in if I’ve time for the novels at all…I’m 0 for 5 this year, and there have been years when I’d started off having read 3 of 5. Sleep so we can make it to the movies tomorrow.

    Writing: Yeesh. I need to be writing a first draft of my paper on Ursula Vernon’s Digger for MythCon. Also, I want to start working on my zine for Alarums & Excursions.

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