A beautiful Summer Friday for Reading, Planning, Writing

Reading: After looking over this Reddit list of under-appreciated fantasy novels, I’m on to Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer. I’m only just getting into it but so far, it is making the commute pass right along.

Planning: I need to catch up on some sleep and do laundry this weekend. Sexy!

Writing: Yes, still writing a gaming thing and getting ideas after reading over the book upon which it has been hacked.

And you?

5 thoughts on “A beautiful Summer Friday for Reading, Planning, Writing

  1. I’m reading like 6 things at once. “Nothing was the same anymore” by Kay Redfield Jameson. “Skin Game” (second reading) by Butcher. Some graphic novels.

    Planning: I think this weekend is chores. Longer term, what I’m going to do for my birthday, future vacations.

    Writing: Most of my writing these days is long-range planning. I’m *thinking* about things I might normally try to do as creative writing, though. For example, the facebook mentioned mega-dungeon.

  2. Reading: Skin Game, just over half way through. It’s wonderful having Dresden & co in my life again. Plus “Just a Geek” by Wil Wheaton, a good, honest, soul baring look into Wil’s life post Trek.

    Planning: Game night tonight (probably 5 player Eldritch Horror vs Yig). My good lady is working tomorrow so something to keep my boys entertained & a trip to the flicks Sunday to see Maleficent with my eldest (who’s 7). Might take him indoor rock climbing too if there’s time. Though the garden desperately needs mowing & hedge cutting…

    Writing: Playing in a private pulp horror 1930s Storium game. We’re up to chapter 2, scene 2 wherein my character, one Rudolph Ackerman, famed occult author, has been kidnapped by some black velvet clad cultists. It’s all very lovecraftian 🙂
    Plus just kicked off a freeform vampire thriller email story game with a mate.

  3. Reading old pulp tale from France about Martian vampires. Research for my pulp Mars RPG.

    Writing final draft for Apocalypse-themed boardgame based on Risk – but it’s a drinking game.

    Planning for weekend playtesting of the latter.

  4. Reading: Mostly read the Feng Shui 2 manuscript before last night’s playtest. May try to read the bits I skipped over as they weren’t necessary for running the playtest. I have 5 pages of the Crescent City manuscript layout I need to mark up as I read. I’ve got Seanan McGuire’s first Velveteen novel in my backpack, about half read. I have this month’s Alarums & Excursions.

    Writing: Corrections for Crescent City at layout stage. Playtest emails for Feng Shui 2. Notes for tomorrow’s Eternal Lies game.

    Planning: Zipping out to try to catch Only Lovers Left Alive. Eternal Lies tomorrow. Getting what I have of layout comments to layout guy asap. My birthday next week. Not freaking at the fact that we’re running our filking convention next week.

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