Thinking about Owl Hoot Trail, feuding rail companies and Dyson Logos-made maps

Chalk Hill, map by Dyson Logos

Chalk Hill

Chalk Hill is a barely fortified rail company town, founded originally by the M.L.& R. but claimed by the Olde Valyrian Rail Co. when the elves deserted the town for unknown reasons last year. Accidental fires started by dragon steeds have destroyed several buildings and badly damaged a left-over elven shrine to the First Star.

Stariphos Bay, map by Dyson Logos

Stariphos Bay

Stariphos Bay is the southern seat of the Federal Government, named for Lady Stariphos, the Paladin-General, who led the push westward with sword and fire, the icons of her deity. They are constructing a statue in her honor and hope to officially unveil it as the first railway connects the city to the east.

Jetsam Village, map by Dyson Logos

Ravenson's Landing

This is a tiny dot on the map, only recorded because it houses a wizard’s tower and the wizard sent a formal warning to any and all rail companies to keep their contraptions out of sight of his tower. It is said that several Black Sash thugs were sent from the Khatovar Detective Agency under the command a sergeant sorcerer but they were never seen again.

Briar Keep, map by Dyson Logos

Greater Briar Keep

Briar Keep is a federal fortress, erected during the barely contained mage-feuds via federally contracted dwarven artisans. Through magic and dwarven labor, the keep was erected in less than a year, which was record setting at the time. It is now home to the 3rd Gryphon Air Cav, a Lieutenant-Colonel Sorcerer and a small family of dwarven masons and miners who make repairs and mine coal for the local rail companies.

Dolem’s Spire, map by Dyson Logos

Dolem's Spire

Dolem’s Spire is the northern seat of the federal government out west. It is ruled by a powerful cabal of arch-mages who make a mockery of democracy through corruption and election fixing through arcane and financial means. The mage-feuds did not become the mage-wars because of diplomatic efforts that were finalized in Dolem’s Spire but it led to the mages weeding out the trouble-makers and becoming a powerful, united force that is now a potent faction. They are said to be putting together their own rail company, The 8 Circle Co.

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