Orcus vs. Doresain: wonderful art and more random encounter charts

I love it when big inter-planar powers tussle, be it the Raven Queen vs. Vecna, the Githyanki Empire vs. the Illithid Hiveminds or Orcus vs. Doresain.

I was reminded of this war when I ran across these wonderful pics on this wonderful Tumblr, Manual de Mostros:


Orcus, Príncipe demoníaco de los no-muertos

Makes me want to run a game in a war-torn world and roll some random encounters.

Lovely work, Viktor Banaks!

Ghoul Encounter

1-2 Feral Ghoul Pack

3-6 Soldiers

7-8 Ghoul-infected Locals

9-11 Blood Knights

12 Elite Ghouls


Gnoll Encounter

1-2 Gnoll youths torturing prey

3-6 Gnoll Warpack

7-8 Gnoll scouts

9-11 Murderlords

12 High Priest with Murder Altar


What are they doing?

1-2 Hunting specific prey

3-6 Occupying a strong position (Bridge, Keep, Hill, Cemetery)

7-8 Securing a planar gate

9-11 Moving to ambush the enemy

12 Looking for you!

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