Choosing Pathfinder Iconics to Save Worlds

The worlds are ending, shriveling up and dying like leaves in autumn, succumbing to some unknowable Doom. Perhaps this is just the natural way of things.

You have been chosen by a seed, a place/force/entity, that exists outside of time and space, floating like pollen through the planes. The seed will grow as you bring back pieces of doomed worlds. Right now it can provide about a small hunting cottage’s worth of space but it will grow with you. It will feed you along the way.

You can only take 3 from the list below with you to this safe haven between worlds. You and your party will traverse the worlds, saving whatever you can from the doom and slowly building something new.

Who do you bring with you (and why)?
NOTE: Correct answers will be due to your choices looking cool, your choice’s imagined skills blending well, your choice’s imagined back-stories blending well, your choice’s Pathfinder class balance being in sync, your choice’s published backstory complimenting each other, etc.

Hakon the Skald

Quinn the Investigator

Jirelle the Swashbuckler

Imrijka the Inquisitor

Feya the Witch

Reiko the Ninja

Ooloch the Warpriest


Balazar the Summoner


Enora the Arcanist


Crowe the Bloodrager

Lirianne the Gunslinger

Hayato the Samurai

Damiel the Alchemist

Alain the Cavalier

Alahara the Oracle

Seltyiel the Fighter/Wizard

Lini the Druid

Amiri the Barbarian

Sajan the Monk

Lem the Bard

Seelah the Paladin

Harsk the Ranger

Ezren the Wizard

Kyra the Cleric

Merisiel the Rogue

Adowyn the Huntress

Shardra Getl the Shaman

Zadim the Slayer

Kess the Brawler

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10 thoughts on “Choosing Pathfinder Iconics to Save Worlds

  1. The Skald and the Investigator should make ok pocket fighters. The Mage is well, a mage. The skald also brings his northern magic to bear and the invesigator and handled teh stealthy stuff.

  2. Alahara the Oracle for her ability to navigate the divine paths.
    Quinn the Investigator to learn about the new places we visit.
    Enora the Arcanist for magical knowledge and arcane abilities.

  3. I don’t know the characters so I can’t really say if they’d work well together.

    My first pick would be the Alahara the Oracle. You say the seed will sustain us, but there is nothing that will guide us. An Oracle would get us to the places we need to be when we need to be there. And while I don’t know this for a fact, I assume that Oracles can spell cast?

    My next pick would be Seelah the Paladin. She looks like she can handle her self in a fight / protect the team. I think that would be very important in the types of trouble spots that we’d be heading in to. Additionally, she’s a Paladin – she would be a moral center, keep us from taking the easy way out rather than the right path. And Paladins can heal, right?

    Lastly, Lini the Druid. As a druid, she’d be connected to the “earth” wherever we are. If the planes are dying, but not all at the same time, she’d be able to tell us when we had to get the hell out of dodge, because where we are is about to not exist / be unable to support life. Druids are also useful in a fight iirc.

    I think, looking at Pathfinder, I’d be a Bard? They seem to have a Archivist type Bard as a possibility. I guess I bring a general knowledge and an ability to quickly grasp what’s going on to the group, as well the support a Bard can offer a group.

  4. Six years too late, but this is such a fun idea!

    As much as Quinn is my favourite Iconic, he’d implore me to think with reason and, alas, this isn’t really his area. No, clearly, for intellectual expertise right off the bat I need Enora. There’s nobody else quite so au fait with cosmic nonsense, whether arcane, divine, or occult, and I trust her ability to analyse and adapt to new data and new forms of magic. Of course, she’s also a squishy mage, so I need a couple of tough, adaptable warriors who can mix it up in melee or at range, who can ideally buff one another while using their individual skills to target specific weaknesses… and record our magnificent adventures as MIGHTY BALLADS! Yes, I’m looking for Hakon and Imrijka. The lad’s just up for anything, while the good hat lady would be all for restoring balance to the dying worlds; she’d know that it’s not supposed to be Time just yet, and Pharasma would have said so, otherwise.

    My one concern was a lack of Druidic power and, while I was extremely tempted to add Lini, I can’t risk the party falling too soon. Enora will simply have to diversify; it’s what she’s good at. Hakon also knows his way around the wilderness, while Imrijka is comfortable basically anywhere. That means two of three off-healers too, which will come in clutch I’m sure.

    Or I could just go for Yoon, Fumbus and Alahazra and birth the new world in flame and glory. That could be fun. But I think Enora, Hakon and Imrijka are a good shout. They’ll have good chat, to say the least; Hakon will ensure it, and the ladies will certainly have a lot of fascinating debates about the nature of, well, everything. Team RGB it is!

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