Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Scene 1

Peter “Starlord” Quill and Gamora are at a gala event with a dance floor that looks like a beautiful nebula. A slow waltz is playing and they are waltzing.

QUILL: You picked up on this fast!

GAMORA: It is just like fighting.

QUILL: Is it?

GAMORA: It is just like fighting for those of us who know how to fight.

QUILL: What? You are talking to the legendary outlaw, Starlord, who won the dance-off against Ronan the Accuser when billions of lives were at stake. Here we go.

The music begins to pick up. It sounds like a Kenny Loggins tune from Footloose. The crowd circles up and begins to cheer them on.

Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer are dancing alongside them. Loris Singer is green.

GAMORA: Peter, I’m not sure about this kind of dancing. I’m not sure where to…

QUILL: Just feel it…feel the beat.

KEVIN BACON: I am Groot.

Quill and Gamora stop dancing. The music lurches to a stop. The hologram fades and they are back on the ship.

ROCKET: We’ll be within boarding distance in a few minutes. 

QUILL: I worked really hard on that. Making Lori Singer green was super-hard.

GAMORA: Groot, are you ready to board?

GROOT: I am Groot!

QUILL: You are ready, dancing queen?

GAMORA: I am Groot.

QUILL: How about you, Drax?

DRAX: I am not Groot but I am ready to board this ship and destroy any and all who get in the way of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Drax, Groot and Gamora suit up for space. Quill takes the co-pilot seat next to Rocket.

QUILL: Seems like lots of trouble for a glove.

ROCKET: Gauntlet, Peter, it is a gauntlet. Chitauri are in range. 3…2…1…

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