Reading, Planning and Writing: Another Beautiful Friday (Gen Con Jealousy)

Reading: I’ve got The Lone Range and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie on my phone’s Kindle app. I’m really loving the poetry and humor in Alexie’s writing. This might turn out to be one of my favorite books ever. In print, I’m reading Book of the New Sun, which I’m enjoying but can drag a bit here and there.

Online, Quinn’s posts on Drow and race are cool – here and also here.

Planning: I’ve got some gaming coming up on the horizon – not this weekend but towards the end of the month. This weekend I just want to catch up on the exhaustion debt I accrued last weekend.

Writing: This week I’ve really fallen down on my writing. There have been several days when I’d get home from work, skip dinner and go straight to bed. I need to carve out that time-space for my keyboard but I haven’t found it just yet.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Reading, Planning and Writing: Another Beautiful Friday (Gen Con Jealousy)

  1. Reading: The beta draft of Red Aegis, which wants to be a cross between tabletop roleplaying and 4X games, but ultimately winds up being aconfusing… at least to me, so far. Also, rereading the Dresden Files (again) because that’s basically my security blanket, a bunch of comics on Comixology, Kay Redfield Jameson’s “An Unquiet Mind” (again) and a graphic novel or two.

    Planning: the game session I’m running Monday, and how to use D&D combat rules to emulate football. (… it makes sense in context.)

    Writing: agenda for the board meeting. I’m obviously a creative genius.

  2. D&D 5th playtest rules, in an urban arcana-inspired setting. They are going in undercover to investigate a new performance enhancing drug (Chimera) in a fledgling sport that tries to integrate football with the new realities of demi-humans and magic.

    At first I though about just plunking BloodBowl down in the middle of the table (which had me giggling like a madman at the concept) but I think what I’ll do is use the combat rules for things like passing the ball (range attack rules) and tackling (grapple rules) and I’ll throw some house rules in for how far the ball scatters on a miss, etc.

    This is all inspired by the players wondering what sports would be like in the world we’re playing in, where magic re-entered the world in 2000.

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