A Web of Cities

You’ve got 12 Nearby Cities and now you want to start forming a web of political intrigue, creating a sense of history and motion. Roll dice until you are satisfied. Don’t make it too complicated.

Roll another 2d12, those are two cities. Roll another d6:


War is pending. The cities are hiring mercenaries and preparing their armies for the coming season of war. Trade sanctions have been in place for some time.


Treaty by Marriage is pending. The rulers or ruling class of one city is about to marry into the ruling family or class of the other, making a strong alliance. Roll another 1d12 if you want to find out which city is nervous about this.


Civil War is pending. One of the cities is about to be ravaged by internal strife and the other city is aiding the revolutionaries.


Hordes are coming. An invasion is coming from beyond the lands currently mapped and one city is set to bear the brunt of the first wave and the other is in denial that the first attack will be as bad as it will certainly be.


Unity is coming. These two cities want all of the local cites to form a league in order to support each other through any invasions or future troubles.


Peace is coming. After a bloody and brutal conflict, two sides are ready to sue for peace. Roll another 1d12 if you want a third city to act as a diplomat and broker the process.

NOTE: When it came time to use this, #4 didn’t fit the vibe of the campaign, so I subbed in the following

Alternate 4

Golden Age! An unprecedented era of beauty and art is flowering in this city. Literature and art that will be looked upon for ages to come is being made right now.

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