My wheels are burning and my dungeons are dragon’ed.

After a few months of no regular gaming, the lean times are over. I had a G+ hangouts Burning Wheel game Sunday night, another BW game Monday afternoon and got to play in Matt’s Advanced Wizards & Wizards on Monday night. Tonight is our first D&D session.

Burning Wheel: Traditions of the Swordlords

Using the Kingmaker Adventure Path as a rough inspiration, Lady Zora Kucera with her trusted steeds Blood Reckoning and Bastard with Sgt. Hajek and his trusty mutt, Boots made their way south into the Stolen Lands. Never underestimate the power of loyalty and a few scraps of stolen tablecloth when faced with a failed Orienteering roll and a giant spider.

Here’s the thread on the BW forum.

Burning Wheel: Rafferty Returns!

I love that damned kid. 

From the thread:

In apologetic tones, apologizing over and over, explaining that this isn’t how he wanted it to go, the elf explained that all of the wizards were dead, hunted down to the last and killed.

D&D hack: Advanced Wizards & Wizards

Matt’s got a really interesting hack of D&D going. Here’s a thread about it over on SG. I get to play a Tiefling Fire Wizard named Baala, a NG acolyte of the Devil-God. Fun times.

1000 Years Later

We took this hex-crawl idea out for a spin with our shiny new D&D books and it was good fun. Gorgolog the Orc/Gladiator/Barbarian, Vistra the Dwarven/Acolyte/Cleric and Zuul the Quaggoth/Folk Hero/Ranger were smart and ran from their first possible fight. The disadvantage 2 of the 3 of them were eating because of the sunlight was a brutal factor and the Ghoul Knight was going to be too much; it was a smart, smart move and prevented a TPK.

I like this group. Next week, they leave the Silent Peninsula and head to Big Shire in an attempt to make some gold.


That was some satisfying emmer-effing gaming and a fine way to break a long gaming drought.

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