Reading, Planning, Writing: Cool Autumn Air edition

Reading: I’m on the third book of the Wheel of Time, re-reading up to where I stopped a decade or so ago and hoping to push on and finish. The books bring out different emotions and reactions from me. Sometimes it is frustration and eye-rolling, sometimes it is nostalgia and enjoyment. It is making the commute go by quickly.

I’ve got Ten Little Indians at home but need to get it to my night-standing for before-bed reading.

Planning: Maybe some kayaking this weekend.

Writing: I’m about to fill my third notebook. I need to look that over and get some ink writing transferred to my laptop.

And you?

2 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing: Cool Autumn Air edition

  1. Reading: Silmarillion. Mostly to remind myself about the events. I have no memory for names and this books is mostly made out of names. I like Morgoth portrayed as petulant child / modern Internet troll. He has so many feels and daddy issues. And some Philip k Dick short stories collection.

    Planning: Stalker rpg mini campaign that we totally should play together.

    Writing: Ars Magica 2nd feature for Polish roleplayers.

  2. I reread the Wheel of Time in one push last year, after burning out around book 9 or 10 the first time. It hung together much better for me as one giant story–I hope it’s a positive read for you too.

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