Ode to a Balduvian War Pig

16 years ago on a summer’s day in upstate New York, we were playing a crazy high-fantasy hack of Ars Magica. We called it Ars AD&Dica. Jason was talking in-character about steeds with another player-character and he said, “There’s no steed I’d rather have under me in battle than a Balduvian War-Pig!”

For whatever reason it stuck in my head and I still remember it to this day.

Here’s to the Balduvian War Pigs, the little details and conversations that came up during games in between the face-stabbing, demon-summoning and calling upon lightning. Here’s to the little moments in fantasy-lands with friends.

Feel free to share your own Balduvian War Pigs in the comments.

 by Adrian Smith (I believe)

One thought on “Ode to a Balduvian War Pig

  1. Well, companion animals and mounts tended to be fairly lightly used in our games.

    But I did decided fairly recently that halflings would obviously use pack goats . . . which is now canon in our Greyhawk game. And we have discovered the joy of war dogs.

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