Rafferty, Book One, Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1

The Apt Pupil

The King and Queen convert to a new faith and now Sorcery is illegal.
Enter Rafferty, a 16 year old boy with the morals of an alley cat and the sorcerous ability to call fire.

Chapter 2

Apprentice Rafferty and the Raven

Rafferty went to the chapel in the middle of the night and helped his friend escape and found a pouch of gold in his cloak, put there by Arnesto. Kell flew out on raven’s wings, cawing thanks and Rafferty cautioned him not to stay in Tesh any longer than he needed to in case Dragesh pursued him.

Chapter 3

Life or Death

“If I say the Fire-bringer’s name, he can actually hear it?”
“Will you teach me his name?”
“Is the His name written in one of those books?”
“Maybe learning to read isn’t as useless as I thought…”

Chapter 4

The Tribunal of Pyre

Theodren had gotten through to Raff. Raff mumbled that this was a fair request and put the “apprentice’s dress” back on. I love that this motivates him, love that he hates the clothes he has to wear as an apprentice. I love that he is surrounded by wizardry, monsters and throne games but is motivated by sausages and clothes.

Chapter 5

The City of Dreams and Thieves – The Dragon’s City

“I am going to be the first arch-mage in a long while. I’m really good and history will remember me but they should be writing about you. You change the world. We’re only here because of your idea about the sausages and Pyre should be thanking you for keeping Lord Harlow alive…we’d have 3 Gates knocking down our walls. I would have left those poor village girls to their fate without you shaming me into it. I’m a good sorcerer but you, Raff, you are going to be great.”

Chapter 6

The Elf-roads

“Wait, you’re 250 years old! Did you meet the Flame-bringer?”
“Yes, when I was a young student.”
“What was He like?”
“He was cunning….and wise. You remind me of him in a way.”
“Cunning and wise…smokin‘.”

Chapter 7

Deep, Deep Shit

Flying down to the enemy camp was smart and sensible. I think, not being funny, that Lord Protector bloke was a bit of a tosser.

Chapter 8

Telda Istar – The Last Wizard

They talked for a while and the Flame-bringer made it clear that he was not there to ask or even to demand that Raff do anything. That was not how he worked. He asked questions.

“Will you see the First Flame go into the West? Will you watch the First Flame’s magic diminish? Will you re-build Pyre? Will you be my prophet and go into the heavens and steal Fire from the gods?”

Chapter 9

Morghulmar eva Minya Nar – Sorcerer of the First Fire

The next day Tulca Uru Lore Nyello offered Raff passage into the west as the Warden of the First Flame. Raff thought about it for a while and declined, mostly because he was worried that he’d NEVER get laid in paradise.

End of Book One

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