Reading, Planning and Writing on a lovely autumnal Friday

Reading: I put down The Shadow Rising and picked up The Dark Defiles. Morgan’s book just came out and I’m enjoying it. Wheel of Time was driving me crazy with its meaningless trolloc fights, like something out of a poorly D&D game, combats for the sake of action with nothing at stake and nothing interesting about the characters uncovered. My Wheel of Time finish sprint might have lost its steam.

Planning: Two days off this weekend! I’m planning a secret-fun Saturday with the lady-friend and on Monday the buddies be playtesting Space Cops in the Spinward, a Green Lantern-inspired Dogs in the Vineyard hack.

Writing: Choose your own Adventure with G+ polls! Here’s the most recent chapter in which the High Warden of the Matronsguard has a big decision to make in the barren crater gardens of the Moon God.

And you?

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