Reading, Planning, Writing: The Friday on the other side of Winter

Reading: I just finished Wool and The Martian. After reading a few essays and articles, I’m picking up Anathem again for another go.

Planning: A 3 day weekend of getting my life and apartment in order. Yay!

Writing/Creating: Too much notebook, not enough keyboard.

And you?

One thought on “Reading, Planning, Writing: The Friday on the other side of Winter

  1. Nice to see you posting again. Best of luck with getting your house in order.

    Reading: I’ve had “The Stars My Destination” by my bed for ages now, getting about half way through it, must continue that again. Not had much time to actually just sit & read sadly so instead I’ve been listening to the Dresden Files Skin Game audiobook. Read it when it was first released and it’s good to get a fix through my ears via the golden tones of James Masters.

    Planning: entertainment & activities with my two boys this weekend. Figuring out what to play (board & role play) with my old mates who are visiting for an evening and day of gaming fun in Feb. I’m hoping I can convince them to try something different like AW: Dark Age or Thought Lords of Mars.

    Writing/Creating: Making a dice roller tray birthday gift out of a wooden octagonal tray, some black felt, a stencil of cthuhlu and metallic fabric paint. I bought two trays so one will be for me too 🙂

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