Dungeon Crawl Classics: Thinking about the Funnel

I’m reading Dungeon Crawl Classics, preparing to take on the role of Judge this Sunday.  I really like the modules, love how compact they are. 20 or so pages feels like the most I’d want an adventure to be and their form factor is just right. DCC has me thinking up first adventure 0-level funnel ideas, situations where people first set aside their place in the world, their born vocations in order to deal with the chaos, sorcery, blood and maybe glory that can be found in adventuring.

9 Gates

The adventure is about the party getting through the dangerous shanty town outside the city’s walls. They hope to get in to the city proper through one of its well guarded gates, set their previous vocations aside and join a warriors’, wizards’ or thieves’ guild.

True Monsters

Tax collectors, expecting no trouble this far from the 100 Dukes’ War, are coming to take the town’s grain storage, leaving the party’s village all to starve.

The Greedy and the Dead

The caravan the players are traveling with is in shambles after bandits were driven off in the night but the greedy bastards will be back once night falls on this oasis; the morning light is showing a pyramid that no one had noticed before.

Between Starvation and the Snake God

In which a dangerous cult takes root during a long siege as starvation causes desperation.

Wizard’s Wake

The town’s local hedge wizard dies, face down in his own vomit, but not before mumbling something about his former adventuring band will be back to take what he owes them from his tower, his mausoleum and the town he calls home.

I need to take a look at punitive delving again.

One thought on “Dungeon Crawl Classics: Thinking about the Funnel

  1. just remember that you should write a funnel in a such way that more than half of characters should be dead by the end. it is more like dirty dozen than kelly’s heroes.

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