0-level funnel idea: Cage in Hell

I have an idea for a Total Party Kill 0-level funnel. Please respond to the below question and help me develop it a bit.
Thank you!

Your group was prepared and had a solid plan but a few bad rolls and some unlucky decisions led to a total party kill. You are the first half-hour into the game.

The Judge doesn’t seem worried.

“Tell me which of your characters went to heaven and which went to hell?”


Your characters’ souls are stuck in a barbed iron cube cage, 30 x 30. Winged devils wheel in the black-clouded skies overhead and the white salt plains stretch out to the Devil-God’s body, stretched across the horizon like a mountain range. Whatever lumbering beast of burden is pulling the cage might haveve been human; you aren’t sure.

The Devils take whatever they can carry (including many of the items the PC’s were carrying when they died) to avoid a coming storm. You over-hear them say something about making it to Marrow-town, by flying towards the Devil-God’s feet for half a day, before the storm hits.

You are 0-level, no matter what level you were in life. Your experiences are in the items the devils are carrying with them to Marrow-town.

Local flora takes the shape of bodies stretched out as if in the midst of a painful spasm. Local fauna look like they might be made of people’s souls molded to look like a devil’s memory of the real world’s predators, prey and domesticated animals.

The winged devils are specks on the horizon. Your cage’s beast of burden has wondered back into the area, chewing on a cactus that looks like a screaming thing. The wind is picking up. Thunder and lightning are growing closer.

What do you do?

Paladin in Hell by  David C. Southerland

Paladin in Hell by David C. Southerland

P.S. Thoughts on leveling up and dying in hell will be saved for later…

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