Nice moments at the table lately.

Circle of Hands

Bret set up a really solid Venture with no easy solutions.

We killed the wizard who thought he was defending the town but we didn’t know he wouldn’t die, that he’d just turn into a silver dragon and come back. He did. My character really didn’t want it to turn to blood in the first place. We couldn’t beat the silver dragon. We’re bad-ass Circle Knights but we’re also pragmatists. We walked away, with the asshole silver dragon flying over us, to make sure we aren’t up to any bullshit.

We walked away, knowing full well we’d go back some day and get that emmer effer.

Burning Wheel

Our G+ game using the Kingmaker Adventure Path as its starting inspiration point has been having so many fine moments that it is hard to narrow it down. It is interesting watching this game set on the frontier turn into a muddy mess as refugees pile in front nearby wars. I’m eager to see where this game is headed.

Dogs in the Vineyard

I missed this game and I’m looking forward to making a new town for the next game.

The initiation conflicts: Will Janaki’s Watchdog find faith in the words of the Book of Life? No.

Will Laura’s Watchdog forgive her Steward for what he did to her? Yes.

Next game will be her hometown. She wants to confront her Steward.

Dungeon Crawl Classics

When the game starts with a dozen nobodies piling into a haunted glacier, every little detail becomes a foundation of world-building.

Locals who trade the PC’s throw in a holy symbol of the Whale God.

Eric has both a slave and an elven glass-blower among his starting 0-level quartet. He decides the elf owns the slave. Now elves own slaves. It is a thing, just in case you needed another reason not to like elves (effing elves).

There is something about the danger, chaos and death that makes details stand out.

Advanced Wizards & Wizards

Seeing Matt’s d20 game design is really cool. He’s put together a really nifty system that makes 3E magic and parties filled with wizards really work. I came in at the end and will be ending in the next few weeks.

These aren’t all weekly games. Circle of Hands and BW are regular. DitV is a fill-in game. DCCRPG is catch-as-catch-can; our next game is scheduled (Yay!).

What is happening at your table?

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