Stats and Skills for Illithid

Writing from the Illithid POV is good fun.

Stats & Skills

Your stats are based on the standards the numb-minded lesser races in these planes use to interact with their feeble understanding of the world. The psychic measures we would use when we lived in our home world deep beyond the Far Realms would be beyond even their greatest deity’s comprehensions, and so we measure ourselves by these provincial standards while we devour their feeble minds and gain dominion over what they perceive as reality.


Intelligence: This is the limited scale they use to measure the mind to recall facts and manipulate reality by bending planar laws.

Strength: This is the power of the body.

Wisdom: This is what the lesser races use to make sense of beings whose power is beyond their pathetic comprehension.

Dexterity: This is the body’s ability to follow the mind’s orders.

Constitution: This is the body’s ability to continue to function while protecting the mind.

Charisma: This is a measure of pheromones, word-play and social leverage lesser races without psychic force use to manipulate one another.


Hive Mind Navigation (Intelligence): This is the art of communicating and finding information via your colony’s hive mind.

Subdue (Strength): This is the mind’s ability to put your own limbs in position to neutralize an opponent’s limbs.

Anthropology (Wisdom): This is the science of understanding lesser species’ primitive and backwards cultures.

Crystalmancy (Dexterity): This is the art of creating tools with crystals and mucus.

Stealth (Constitution): This is the art of lying in wait, being still, waiting for your prey.

Devoured Skills (Charisma): These skills are what you gain from devouring minds. You can have one such skill for every point of ability modifier you have in Charisma.

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