I’ve been rereading Seclusion of Orphone of the Three Visions and now a city is in my head.

It is a filthy, fading arcane metropolis that was ruled by a senate of inhuman wizards who have faded into various stages of comatose seclusion. Their apprentices, pale imitations of their masters and mistresses wage bloody gang wars in the streets with spells, staves and pistol.

The old wizard’s senate has been officially disbanded by the Olde Sword Republic and the new government is offering the Delver’s Guild everything their intrepid members can carry out of any registered seclusium. The players can also post a flag on behalf of a sect within the city, having a say of who takes over the seclusium once it is sacked and looted.

Players can take the seclusia offered by the guild or bid on having first crack at new ones as they are uncovered and tagged by municipal workers.

I started a pinterest board collecting Delver’s Guild members.

P.S. That is not what I would call the city.



7 thoughts on “Seclusiopolis

  1. “Seclusion…” isn’t the best LotFP product, and certainly isn’t Baker’s best work, but it still has the potential to inspire a great campaign.

  2. i would really love to see you riff on this some more. it seems like a campaign that could link together leiberish urban adventures and vance/vandermeer/strugatsky stalkerish dungeon delving.

    i would use that in my dccrpg game in a jiffy as a home base for my group/episodic campaign framework.

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